Danseliste begynder 2017/2018
Dans Koreograf Musik Kunstner Video Udlært
Everyday Is For Love   Susanne Moose Nielsen Everyday Is For Love  The Deans  Video  Uge 33 
Sometimes I Wonder Ron Bloye Red Sun Lindsey Buckingham&Christine McVie Video Uge 33
No Looking Back  Pat Newell Walk On By  Scooter Lee  Video  Uge 34
Be Boll EZ Norman Gifford  Be Boll  Danny & Bongy  Video  Uge 35 
Mamma Maria  Frank Trace Mamma Maria  Ricchi E Poveri Video  Uge 36 
Whiskey Bridges  Madison Glover  Whiskey Under the Bridges  Brooks&Dunn  Video  Uge 37 
Little Miss Hayley Jo Pat Stott&Vikki Morris  Hayley Jo  Derek Ryan  Video  Uge 39
She Made My Day  Roger Neff She Made My Day  Willie Nelson  Video  Uge 41 
Road House Rock  Rob Fowler  Used To Be A Country Town  Sons Of Palamino  Video  Uge 43 
Broken Heart  Leo Boomen  My Next Broken Heart  Brooks & Dunn  Video Uge 45 
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