Danseliste begynder 2020/2021
Dans Koreograf Musik Kunstner Video Udlært
Road House Rock Rob Fowler Uses To Be A Country Town Sons of Palamino Video  Uge 2
Down The Dixie Road Jean Loofman  Dixie Road Nathan Carter Ingen Video  Uge 3 
Did He Mean To?  Roy Bloye & Cheryl Jayne Carter  Baby In The Dark  Cach In Delivery  Video  Uge 5 
No Looking Back  Pat Newell  Walk On By  Scooter Lee  Video  Uge 7 
Rita's Waltz   Jo Thompson  Tuscon to Soon- Fields Of Forever- A Christmas Card  Tracy Byrd- Rick Tippe- Scooter Lee Video  Uge 9 
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