Danseliste begynder 2019/2020
Dans Koreograf Musik Kunstner Video Udlært
Everyday Is For Love Susanne Moose Nielsen Everyday Is For Love  The Deans  Video  Uge 33 
Mama Maria Frank Trace Mamma Maria  Ricchi E Poveri Video  Uge 33
These Old Boots Rob Fowler These Old Boots  Aaron Watson  Video  Uge 33 
You Are Still The One Marie Sørensen  Still The One  Jeanette O'Kefe  Ingen Video  Uge 34
Outside In  Diana Dawson Outside Looking In  Lana Turner  Video  Uge 36 
An Absolute Dream  Joyce Plaskett Land Of Dream  Rosanne Cash Video  Uge 37 
Walking On The Moon  Susanne Mose Nielsen  Walking On The Moon   Peter Westh & Julie Burton  Video  Uge 39 
Country Bump  Darren Bailey  Country Music Made Me Do It  Carlton Anderson   Video  Uge 41 
When You Smile Jose Miguel Bellogne Vane & Roy Verdonk  When You Smile  Rune Rudberg  Video Uge 43 
The Little Farmer  Mona Leth The Farmer Robert Mizzel Video  Uge 45
Down To The Honkytonk  Rick Todd  Down To The Honkytonk  Jake Owen  Video  Uge 47 
I Ain't Never  Michael Barr- Michellle Burton - Jo Thomsom Szymanski  I Ani't Never  Scooter Lee  Video Uge 49 
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