Danseliste begynder 2020/2021
Dans Koreograf Musik Kunstner Video Udlært
Road House Rock Rob Fowler Uses To Be A Country Town Sons of Palamino Video  Uge 2
Down The Dixie Road Jean Loofman  Dixie Road Nathan Carter Ingen Video  Uge 3 
Did He Mean To?  Roy Bloye & Cheryl Jayne Carter  Baby In The Dark  Cach In Delivery  Video  Uge 5 
No Looking Back  Pat Newell  Walk On By  Scooter Lee  Video  Uge 7 
Rita's Waltz   Jo Thompson  Tuscon to Soon- Fields Of Forever- A Christmas Card  Tracy Byrd- Rick Tippe- Scooter Lee Video  Uge 9 
Country Boy Lovin' Maddison Glover  Country Boy Lovin'  Dillon Carmichael  Video  Uge 33 
Living On Love AB  Lindsay Ryan   Living On Love AB Alan Jackson   Video  Uge 33 
These Old Boots  Rob Fowler  These Old Boots  Aaron Watson  Video  Uge 33 
No Looking Back  Pat Newell Walk On   Scooter Lee  Ingen Video  Uge 34 
Yesterday's Gone  Vikki Morris  Don't Stop  Fleetwood Mac  Video  Uge 35 
Ab Wintergreen  Martine Canonne  Wintergreen  The East Pointers  Desværre ingen video  Uge 36 
Beautiful Sunday Hue Tran Beautiful Sunday Daniel Boone Video Uge 38
Smiling Song Michelle Risley Smiling Song  Vince Gill  Video Uge 40 
Safe And Sound Dee Musk Safe And Sound Capital Cities Video  Uge 42
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