Udlærte danse 2018/2019
Everyday Is For Love
Sometimes I Wonder 
No Looking Back 
 Be Boll EZ
 Mamma Maria
Whiskey Bridges 
Little Miss Hayley Jo
She Made My Day
Road House Rock
Broken Heart 
Sangria Sun
Got You Too
Down To The Honkytonk
I Close My Eyes
Why Did It Have To Be Me
Thank You
Texas Two Step
Blue Sky
Keep It Simple
Perfect Baby
Like A Fine Wine 
 Simple As Can Be
Rose From The Sea 
Almost Crazy 
Close To My Heart 
For The World
Music To My Eyes
Mama Tried
Homesick Heart
Bring It On Over
Lots Of Love
Whole Again
She Don't Know She's Beautiful
 Isabel & Jose
Cloud 9 
Haley Jo 
It's Worth A Shot 
 Get It Right
Bud Light Blue
Cold Feet
Oh Me Oh My Oh
Go With The Whiskey
8th Day
One Hundred
Make A Little Hay
Why Walk When You Can Fly
Nothing But You
My Miracle
Small town Summer
Fortsætter  +
One Touch At A Time
 Born To Love You 
Beyond Beautiful 
Mood Swing 
Those Where The Nights
Working On Me
Call Me When It's Over
Hold Tight
My Angel And Me
Drink One For Me
We'll Be Dancing 
It's All In The Kiss
Keep It Simple
Just A Phase
Reason To Stay
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