Udlærte danse 2016/2017
Absolut Begynder
An Absolut Dream
Broken Heart
Easy Love
Girl Of The Summer
Love Like Before
Lullaby Waltz
Me, Marie
Move Slowly
Take These Chains
The Freeze
Until Dawn
Be There In Your Morning
Better When I'm Dancin', Baby
Chasing Shadows
Cruising Backroads
Darling Stand By Me
Doing Allright Today
 Drinking With Dolly
Get Down The Fiddle
Give My Love To Rose
Left In The Dark
Love Like Before
Pure And Simple
The Best Years
The Right Years
Won't Back Away
A Little Humble
A Little Love Trip
A Love To Last
Alibis & Lying Eyes Waltz
Never Ever Go Away
 Once Bitten Twice Shy
Primer Beso
Reasons For My Tears
Same Old Something
Teddy Bears Picnic
The Real Deal
Your Heaven
Angels On My Side
Built To Last
Carnival Ride
Chase That Song
Cheap Cologne
Drift Away
Gypsy Queen
I Be U Be
I'm With You
Isn't It Enough
Love Too Much
Pot Of Gold
Simple Things
True Believer
Watching Over Me
Fortsætter + 
A Single Heartbeat
Bring On Tomorrow
Dear Friend
Don't Give Up
From Ground Up
Lonely Tonight
Magical Mystery Ride
Maybe Tomorrow
Rain On Me
Say It Again
So Just Dance Dance Dance
Suite 16
You Belong
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