Danseliste Easy 2023/2024
Dans Koreograf Musik Kunstner Video Udlært
Tonight You're Lucky Kevin Formosa Lucky Megan Moroney Video  Uge 33
Little Heartbreak  Jef Camps & Roy Verdonk  Same Heartbreak Differet Day  Richard Marx  Video  Uge 35 
My Baby Does Andrew Hayea My Baby Does Drew Parker Video  Uge 37
All I'm Missing  Heather Barton  All I'm Missing  David Adam Byrnes  Video  Uge 39 
I Got A Problem  Vikki Morris I Got A Problem  Drake Milligan  Video  Uge 41 
I'll Be Here  Mathew Sinyard  I'll Be Here  Colbie Caillat & Sheryl Crow  Video  Uge 43 
Every Road  Tina Argyle  Every Road  Rory O'Neill  Video  Uge 45 
As We Waltzed Round The Room  The Highlander  An Accordion Started To Play  Isla Grant  Video  Uge 47 
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