Udlærte danse 2015/2016
Absolut Begynder
Everyday Is For Love
123 Waltz
All About A Woman
An Ordinary Girl
Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone
Love Is AB
Mamma Maria
Move Slowly
Sko & Støvler
Stealing The Best
Sroll Along Cha Cha
Thanks A Lot
Until Dawn
Wee'll Be Alright
A Real Good Way
Big Blue Tree
Car Wash Blues
Having A Really Good Time
It's High Time
Just Another Woman
Lousiana Style Party
On The Waves
Queen Of My Heart
Thinkin' Country
Ticket To The Blues
Under The Moon Of Love
Until Dawn
We Only Live Once 
 Beautiful Life
Blue Blue Day
Have You Ever Seen The Rain
Like Coca Cola In Hollywood
Memphis Love
My Country
Never Gonna Break Your Heart
Nowhere To Hide
Salt & Lime
Skip The Line
Stop Staring At My Eyes
Tell The World
The Bomp
Walking On Air
Wedding Prospect
3 Day Road
Graeter Than Me
Hard To Say It
Head In The SKy
Hot Wheels
Lay Low
Lochlin's Bar
Love Life
Moving Rodeo
New Shade Of Blue
Open My Eyes
Shinatra & Chardonnay
Summertime Love
Teddy's Girl
Those Russians
Fortsætter + 
A Thousand Miles
And Get It On
Better When I'm Dancing
Break Me Up
Friends Like Mine
Hone I'm Good
I Said I Do
 Sathurday Night Sunday Morning
Save The Day
Second Hand Heart 
Tears Of Joy
We Are Who We Are
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