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Dans Koreograf Musik Kunstner Video
Val Myers
The Deans
Martine Canonne
The East Pointers
A Crying Shame Robbie McGowan Hickie Is It Cheating Belle Plane Video
Aces And Eights  Karl-Harry Winson  Full House Derek Ryan  Video 
Adalaida Gary O'Reilly Adalaida Derek Ryan Video 
A Girl Like You  Stepen Pistoia  A Girl Like You  Easton Corbin  Video 
Again And Again Alison Biggs - Peter Metelnick - Jo Kinser Love Again Dua Lipa Video
A Happy Day
Birthe Thygesen
That'll Be The Day
The Crickets
Maggie Gallagher
Come A Little Bit Closer
Niels B. Poulsen
Gnarls Barkley
A Little Bit Gypsy  Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris  Little Bit Gypsy   Kellie Pickler  Video 
A Little Humble  Vikki Morris  Humble And Kind Tam McGraw  Video 
A little Love Trip  Julie Lockton & Vikki Morris  Love Trip  Jerry Kilgore  Video
A Little Love Worth Waiting 4 Norman Gifford A Love Worth Waiting For Bouke Video
A Tiny Little Teardrop  Guenther Wodlei  Little Heartbreaker  Marty Stuart  Video 
Bobby Chong - Cathy Montgomery - Deborah O'Hara - Elaine Cook
A Lot About A Little
Jacon Benoit & Jdzl
Yvonne Anderson
Ain't Love A Lot Like That
George Jones
A Love To Last  Frank Heelan A Love I Think Will Last  Niamh Lymm & Johnny brady   
Alter Ego Karl-Harry Winson Superman Keith Urban Video
A Real Good Way  Lesley Clark  A Real Good Way James House  Ingen
A Thousand Miles  Karl-Harry Winson I Wanna Grow Old With You  Westlife  Video 
A Thousand Stars  Gary Lafferty  Ten Guitars  Michael English  Video 
A Wee Bit Lost Maggie Gallagher A Little More Lost  Georgia Ku Video
A Woman You Love Silvia Schill With A Woman You Love Justin Moore Video 
AB Shame and Scandal Jan Waters Shame & Scandal The Barefoot Man
About Tomorrow Maria Maag Don't Stop Thinkin' About  Lauren Mine  Video 
After All Kirsten Grønholm After All Joni Harms  
Gaye Teather
Saturday Night
Sam Millar
Ah Si! Rita Masur Levantando Las Manos El Simbolo Video
Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
 The Way I Are
Rachael McEnaney
If You Want My Love
Laura Bell
Kay Needham
Boom Boom Boom Boom
Venga Boys
Cato Larsen
Lily Allen
Alcazar Robbie McGowan Higgie & Karl Harry Wilson Blame it on the Disco Diana Lawson  Video 
Alibis & Lying Eyes  Jane E. Davis  Alibis Tracy Lawrence  Video 
Almost Crazy Robbie McGowan Hickie&Tony Vassell I Ain´t Crazy Earl Thomas Video 
All About A Woman Maggie Gallagher Dont Ask Me About A Woman Easton Corbin Video
All About Now Heather Barton What About Now Lonestar Video 
Gary Lafferty
Mr. Mom
All I Can Say Simon Ward and Rachael McEnaney Beautiful Frankie J feat. Pitbull Video 
All Good All Gravy Ryan King All Right Here Morgan Evans  Ingen Video
All I'm Missing Heather Barton All I'm Missing David Adam Byrnes Video 
Robbie McGowan Hickie
You Rock Me
Enrique Iglesias
Magie Gallagher
All Of Me
Cherryl Tonner
All That Jazz
Ute Lemper
All The Kings Horses  Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick  Out Of Sight  Midland  Video 
All The Way Robbie McGowan Hickie Do What You Do Bad Boys Blue  
All The Whiskey Tina Argyle & Karl-Harry Winson All The Whiskey In The World Carly Pearce Video 
All Together Again Robert Lindsay Together Forever Rick Astley  
Always Will Heather Barton Always Have, Always Will Ace Of Bace Video 
All You Need Robbie McGowan Hickie All You Really Need Is Love Bad Paisely  
Angel & Corona Darren Bailey-Kate Sale-Guylaine Bourdages-Roy Verdonk Look What God Gave her Thomas Rhett Video
Amame Robbie McGowan Hickie Amame Belle Peez  
American Honey Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris American Honey Lady Antebellum  
Am I Cato Larsen Am I Supposed To Love Again Veronica Akselsen  
Amor De Heilo Debbie Ellis Amor De Heilo David Vivera  
An Absolut Dream  Joyce Plaskett  Land of Dreams  Rosanne Cash  Video 
An Irish waltz  Jan Wyllie  Beautiful Meath  Mary Duff  Video 
An Ordinary Girl Shelly & Mark Guichard Ordinary Girl  Kristina Cornell  Video
And Get It On Daniel Trepat &Jose Miguel Belloque Vane Marvin Gaye  Charlie Puthft. Meghan Trainor Video 
And The Cowboy Rides Away Fran Lineweaver And The Cowboy Rides Away Fran Beard Video 
And Then What Michelle Risley Then What Clay Walker Video
Angel In Blue Jeans Alison & Peter Angel in Blue Jeans  Train  Video
Another Song Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie  Another Song I Had To Write  Jacob Lyda  Video 
Anyway Hanne Pitters, Birthe Thygesen King Of The Road Roger Miller  
A Perfect Day Simon Ward Stay The Night James Blunt  
Applejack Alison&Peter Appel Jack Lisa McHugh Video
At Your Worst Glynn Rogers & Heather Barton At Your Worst Calum Scott Video 
Askin Questions Larry Bass Askin Questions Brady Seals  
As Love Is My Witness Peter & Alison As Love Is My Witness Westlife  
As We Waltzed Round The Room The Highlander An Accordion Started To Plau Isla Grant Video 
Avenuen Anne Mansson Avenuen Trine Dyrholm  
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