Danseliste begynder 2017/2018
Dans Koreograf Musik Kunstner Video Udlært
Save Me Tonight Maggie Gallagher Save Me Tonight A Little Bit More Video 16.8.2017
Run Away Cha Dee Musk  Needles And Pins  The Searchers  Video  30.8.2017 
Early In The Morning  Daisy Simons Early In The Morning  Derek Ryan  Video  13.9.2017 
1159  Rachael McEnaey-White   11:59 The Raikers  Video  27.9.2017 
Total Loss Will Bos Total Loss  Kristen Kelly& The Modern Day Drifters  Video  11.10.2017 
Irish Dream Barbara G Won't Ya Come Down  Derek Ryan  Video  25,10.2017 
Champagne Promise  Tina Argyle  Champagne Promise  David Nail  Video  8.11.2017
Down On Your Uppers  Gary O'Reiley  Down On Your Uppers  Derek Ryan Video  22.11.2017 
The Most Beautiful Girl  Niels B Poulsen The Most Beautiful Girl Charlie Rich. Video  6.12.2017 
Rollin'  Home  Susanne Mose Nielsen Rollin'  Home  Nathan Carter  Video  3.1.2028 
A Tiny Little Teardrop  Guenther Wodlei  Little Heartbreaker  Marty Stuart  Video  17-1-2018
Rivertown  Karen Holtom  River Town  Troy Cassar-Daley Video 31.1.2018 
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