Danseliste fortsætter 2017/2018
Dans Koreograf Musik Kunstner Video Udlært
Chasing Down A Good Time  Dan Albro Chasing Down A Good Time  Randy Houser  Video  23.8.2017
Life Is Too Short  Kate Sala Life Is Too Short  Darius Rucker  Video 6.9.2017
 Blessed Jackie Miranda  Blessed  Elton John  Video  20.9.2017 
Every Time She Walks By  Heather Barton  Every Time She Walks By  Adam Brand Video  4.10.2017 
This Old Hearts  Vikki Morris  This Old Heart Midland Video  18.10.2017 
I Must Be Dreaming Vikki Morris Don't Wake Me Up Bo Walton  Video  1.11.2017
Taking My Time  Tina Argyle  How Would You Feel  Ed Sheeran  Video  15.11.2017 
Roots  Tina Argyle Roots Zac Brown Video  29.11.2017 
Forget Me Not  Pat Scott  There's No Gettin' Over Me Ronnie Milsap  Video  10.1.2018
Story  Maddison Glover  Story  Drake White Video 24.1.2018 
Believe In Me  Dee Musk  Worth It'  I Don't Believe We've Met  Video 7.2.2018 
People Are Good  Gary O'Reiley Most People Are Good  Luke Bryan Video  21.2.2018 
Cant Let Go Robbie McGowan Hickie  Your Better Move On Piet Veerman Video  19.2.2018 
If I Where You  Michelle Risley  If I Where You  Cody Johnson  Video  8.3.2018 
Tara's Dance Tina Argyle Love Song  Kevin Fowler  Video 4.4.2018 
Aces And Eights  Karl-Harry Winson  Full House Derek Ryan  Video  18.4.2018 
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