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Dans Koreograf Musik Kunstner Video
X-Rated Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher Filthy Gorgeos Scissor Sisters  
Ya Heard Silvia Schill & TFDSabine Ya Heard Thomas Heard Video
Yaya Con Dios (My Darling) Vikki Morris Yaya Con Dios Framed Video
Yes or No Jasmine Tan Check Yes or No  George Strait  Video
Yesterday's Gone Vikki Morris Don't Stop Fleetwood Mac Video
Yolanda Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie Yolanda Joe Merrick
Young Blood Alison & Peter  Young Blood  Sopie Ellis Bextor  Video 
You And Me Robbie McGowan Hickie I Will Die For You Luca Hänni Video
You Are Still The One Marie Sørensen Still The One Jeanette O'Kefe Video 
You Are The Best Kathy Chang & Sue Hsu From Coast To Coast Modern Talking  
You Are The One Marie Sørensen You Are The One Carlene Carter  
You Belong  Robbie McGowa Hickie & Jef Camps  Belong Joshua Radin Video 
You Can Dance Vikki Morris Permission To Dance BTS Video
You Can Hear A Heart Break Nina Skyrud & Cato Larsen You Can Hear A Heart Break  Tony Ramey Video
You Can't Stop Love Berit Hansen You Can't Stop Love Tamra Rosanes  
You Did Mark Furnell & Chris Godden You Did Renee Blair Video
You Got Away Niels Poulsen You Got Away  Ann Taylor Video
You Got Gold Yvonne Anderson You Got Gold Nathan Carter Video
You Know I Cant Get My Self Over You  Connie Nielsen Cant Get My Self Over You  The Woolpackers  Video
You Make Me Feel Like Dancin' Barry Amato You Make Me Feel Like Dancin' Groove Generation  
You're So Naughty Brian Holland He Drinks Tequila Sammy Kershaw, Lorrie Morgan  
You're Too Late Ivonne Varhagen & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane You're Too Late Antoinette & The Bluebonnets Video
Your First Name Lars Chistensen People Know You By Your First Name Dean Brody Video
Your Heaven  Niels B Poulsen  Take me to your Heaven  Charlotte Nielsson  Video 
Your World Niels B. Poulsen It's Your Wolrd Now The Eagles  
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