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Dans Koreograf Musik Kunstner Video
J'ai Du Boogie Max Perry J'ai Du Boogie Scooter Lee  
Jacket On Gudrun Schneider Jacket On Mike Ryan Video
JB's Waltz Jan Brookfield Somebody Loves You Scooter Lee  
Jesse James Rachael McEnaney Just Like Jesse James Cher  
Jessie Baby Vikki Morris Jessie Stuart Moyles Video
Jig About Maggie Gallagher Dublin Castle Jig Spirit Of The Dance  
Jitterbuggin' Bunny & Bruce Burton Think It Over / Jitterbug Boogie Tractors / Fantastic Shakers  
John Wayne Walking Alison Biggs John Wayne Walking Away Lari White  
Jo 'N Jo Tango Jo Thompson & Rita Jo Hernando's Hideaway Alfred Hause's Tango Orchestra  
Jolly Rogers Go Ross Brown Wolves Of The Sea Pirates Of The Sea  
Journey To The Stars Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Maria Maria Mark Medlock  
Joyride Robbie McGowan Hickie One way ticket Billy Currington Video 
Jungle Fever Raymond Sarlemijn El Baila Del Gorilla -  
Jump on a easy ride Sally Charnley Don’t turn around !DelaDap  
Just a little love Maggie Gallagher Just a Little Love  Derel Ryan  Video 
Just A Memory John Dean & Maggie Gallagher Memories Are Made Of This The Dean Brothers
Just A Phase  Fred Whitehouse - Maddison Glover  Just A Phase  Adam Graig  Video 
Just Another Woman  Lesley Clark  Just Another Woman  In Love  Video 
Just add the moonlight Maggie Gallagher Just add the Moonlight  Eli Young Band  Video 
Just For Grins Jo Thompson Billy Be Bad -  
Just gettin'  started  John Albro Just gettin' Started  Blake Shelton  Video 
Just My Luck Alan Haywood Tired Of getting My Butt Kicked The Bellamy Brothers  
Just One Time Robbie McGowan Hickie Somebody Stand By Me Faith Hill  
Just Say It Dee Musk & Lauren Caulfield I Wanna Heaar You Say It Michael Bolton  
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